4H, Fair and Market Goats
Fair is FUN :)
You can show all different kinds of goats at the fair. If you prefer a Dairy Goat, a Novelty Goat (Pack/Utility) or a Market Goat is your choise.
At several fairs and in any case of entering a market goat you need a Scrapie ID #.
Therefore we decided to participate in the scrapie program of the WSU (Washington State Universaty) and tag our goats with Scrapie IDs.
With that Scrapie ID # in your goats ear, all doors for participating in fair activities with your goat are open for you.

Ferry County Fair 2013



The goat youth had a great time this year at the Ferry County Fair. They impressed us by showing a wonderfull variety of all they do with their goats.
We could enjoy Dairy Goats, Market Goats, Pack Goats and future Draft Goats. Next year we might see a local wether Marvin pulling a cart!
Kids you did great!!! We hope we can enjoy the show next year again :)

Here is some information from the Extension Office on how to get you and your goat ready for the fair:
You can also find a lot of information on google and youtube. For example search for: "how to show a Dairy Goat" or "4H Goat Showmanship" etc.
Also remember, not only the show ring is part of the fair, but taking care of your animal while beeing on the fair ground is necessary, too; just as it is at home.
Feed and water your goat, get it ready for showmanship, exercise it, clean out your stall during and after the fair and have always a friendly and respectful attitude.
And: HAVE FUN :)