Customer reviews


Artie and Mike McRae, Republic, WA; 06/13/2012:  

"We have used the GoatPatrol for two years in a row now and we LOVE them. The goats do a beautiful job of clearing brush, weeds and tall grass. We can finally walk down to our creek! Wayne and Jenny are very accommodating and they are wonderful people. We highly recommend the GoatPatrol and Wayne and Jenny Konz!

By the way...we love having the baby goats. They are as entertaining as they are efficient and they all love attention. Our friends and family all come to visit while we have the goats so they can pet them and hold the babies."

- Thank you Artie :), working at your place is a lot of fun. Wayne and Jenny -


Jonathan Wolley, Woolley's Wood Heat, Republic, WA; 2011:

"I had the GoatPatrol at my place and they did a great job. The grass is growing so much better after the goats ate the weeds down. I can tell there is a huge difference already after a one time use of the GoatPatrol. My kids also enjoyed playing with the goats. Thank you Wayne."