Services and Prices 

The prices below apply for services at our farm. We come out

to your place as well. In that case a charge for mileage (fuel, tear a. wear, time) of $0.50 per mile comes in addition (except for the goat patrol).


$1.50 each goat/day, one time set up fee $40-$50

Our most common rental herd (the brush boys) includes 20 goats  for $30 / day. Discounts available.



Buck Service >

$40 for one doe, $30 each additional doe, includes three days of boarding for the doe(s), after that $3 boarding fee each doe/day (includes hay and mineral feed). Discounts for several does available.

> Youn can pick up a buck rag before you bring your doe in, to make sure she is in heat.



CAE and CL tests >


for 1 to 4 goats:

$25 each goat for LAB test fee, supplies, blood draw & paper work

$10 Accession fee LAB (additional one-time fee)

$15 Overnight shipping & handling (one-time fee)


for 5 or more goats:

$22 each goat for LAB test fee, supplies, blood draw & paper work 

$10 Accession fee LAB (additional one-time fee)

$15 Overnight shipping & handling (one-time fee)




> If there is more than one party to test at the same time, we can split up the one time fees (Accession fee lab and shipping) between all test participants. In that case all test results are listed together on one result sheet. For separated result sheets, the full accession fee applies for each party.



Hoof trimming for goats >

$10 each goat, discounts available



Banding >

$10 each buckling, discounts available