Services and Prices 

The prices below apply for services at our farm. We come out

to your place as well. In that case a charge for mileage (fuel, tear a. wear, time) of $0.60 per mile comes in addition (except for the goat patrol).


$2.50 each goat/day, one time set up fee $60-$80

Our most common rental herd (the brush boys) includes 14 goats  for $35 / day. Discounts available.



Buck Service >

$50 for one doe, $40 for each additional doe if sired by the same buck within same service, includes two days of boarding for the doe(s), after that $6 boarding fee each doe/day (includes hay and mineral feed). 

> You can pick up a buck rag before you bring your doe in, to make sure she is in heat.



CAE and CL tests >


$25 each goat for LAB test fee, supplies, blood draw & paper work

$10 Accession fee LAB (additional one-time fee)

$20 Overnight shipping & handling (one-time fee) 

Discounts for herds might be available


Hoof trimming for goats >

$10 to $15 each goat, discounts for herds might be available


Banding >

$10 each buckling, discounts for herds might be available