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Different breeds and their characteristics:
There are very different kinds of goats. Depending on what your purpose for your future goat might be, you can get a good idea about the most common breeds in this link Pictures and Specifics .
(! The only thing in that article which is not a fact, is the part about the dehorning. As you will see, most of those breeds come from Switzerland and other countries. I can tell you, the goats walk around there with there horns just fine and people deal with them the way they are made; with horns :))
We raise Nubians, Toggenburgs, LaManchas and Boers; cross breeds as well. For Oberhaslis we can recommend you a great breeder close by.

Different breed
Different milk:
You can make wonderful cheese with each kind of goat milk and fresh, cold goat milk always tastes good. But there are some differences in the milk, you can consider by the breed of milk goat you choose. Say you like rich cheese, you may want to take a Nubian goat, because of the high fat percentage. But in case you like to watch fat in your diet, you could choose a Toggenburg goat as your milk goat. To have a little of all, there are always crosses of breeds too.
Toggenburg       3.3 %
French Alpine    3.5 %
Saanen                3.5 %
Oberhasli            3.7 %
LaMancha          3.9 %
Nubian                4.6%
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